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Read on to see the results of what we do and why. Contact us for more information.

Alaska[5364] Alaska2[5366]


Bruno2[5368] Bruno1[5367]


was rescued from a storm drain where she was protecting her pup. Her pup was adopted and Alaska came to live in our rescue shelter where she went through a number of procedures for a hip problem. Eventually she was rehomed in England through one of our volunteer team members and is now very happily living the dream.

was found living rough on the campo very skinny and full of worms. He is a brown, pointer type dog and after the necessary vet treatment he came to live in our dog shelter. While he was there he was spotted by a couple of caravaners who managed to secure a home for him with their friend in Scotland. He left us in early February and after a long but smooth journey he arrived at his new home in the cold North. He quickly settled in with his new family claiming a couch early on and really enjoying playing with the children. A quote from his new owner sums up his new life -  'The children adore him. Cats hate him, we love him. Everyone that comes across him remarks at his lovely nature. We couldn't have asked for a more lovely dog, thanks for the trust. He's going to be the happiest dog ever.