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Teddy - his new family writes.......


We first met Teddy at a San Animal function at the cultural centre in San Juan de los Terreros. He had been found wondering around the village the day before - obviously abandoned! He was eventually caught by Jan Brown, a San Animal volunteer.

Whilst he was being assessed, we volunteered to look after him temporarily and so, we took him home. After three days the inevitable happened - we fell in love with this friendly, adorable dog and we decided to keep him, with a view to eventually, taking him back to the UK.

The correct adoption procedures were then followed. With help from San Animal he was chipped, vaccinated and he obtained his passport. He spent some time in the Animal Hotel in Aguilas, awaiting transportation to the UK. Five weeks later, in June 2015, he arrived in Kingsbridge in South Devon, where he has become very popular, living the good life.

Teddy is a very active dog. He enjoys walking, time spent on the beaches, the company of adults, children and other dogs. When we return to Terreros he stays with daughter Beccy and family who have two Labradors, two cats, two rabbits and two goldfish. Teddy is always very pleased to see us when we return to the UK and immediately settles back into life in Devon.                       Dave and Aileen Dain

Read on to see the results of what we do and why. Contact us for more information.

Marley - his new family writes


I'm sure everyone remembers Marley from early Spring 2015 when he was found wandering on an industrial estate in Pulpí. He was starved, his skin was in a terrible state and he was hours away from death.

San Animal collected Marley and took him to the vet. After months of treatment and special care, he improved and was placed into a foster home with one of the San Animal volunteers. From there, he got stronger. His fur grew, his skin improved but he still needed months of tablets, creams and regular baths.

By the time my son and his family came to visit, Marley was physically fit and healthy and, when they all met, they fell in love with him and wanted to take him back to the UK. By now he had obtained his passport and in the December, I drove early morning to Alicante and flew with Marley, to Ostend. I was met by a friend who drove me to France and we boarded the ferry to Dover. My son and his wife drove down from Cheshire to Dover and we all stayed in a dog friendly hotel for the night.  The next day, I was dropped off at Gatwick and returned home to Spain, whilst my family took Marley to his new home in Cheshire.

This is an amazing success story for one who was so close to death. Every person who helped made a difference.

                                                                         Maggi Taylor